As Amazon continues its path of ecommerce dominance, a presence on the platform is inevitable. Especially if Amazon is your only sales channel or an incremental channel, it plays an increasingly important role for many brands. Understanding the platform and the psychology of customers with its review system, product ranking algorithm and marketing possibilities, it is of highest importance to know for making smart business decisions and ultimately thriving online.

With years of hands-on and strategic experience, Onekeyproject can assist clients with Amazon account opening, product selection, brand consulting, SOP:s, reporting, analyzing and all the way down to the nitty gritty like e.g. product labelling to ensure your product comes into the warehouse smoothly and goes “live” on the marketplace.

We will be with you at every step of the way until your products are in the amazon warehouse ready to sell.

Here are the things that we do for you:

  • Account opening

  • Approval - restricted categories

  • Competitor & Market analysis – Keyword/category traffic and sales

  • Content creation – Sales copy

  • Content creation – Photo and Video

  • Content creation – Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

  • Advertising & Marketing within Amazon

  • Listing optimization – Title, features, description, back end search terms

  • Listing Translation from English to German, France, Italian and Spanish

  • Sponsored ads campaigns (PPC, AMS)

  • International Expansion (USA, EUROPE, JAPAN)

Getting your Amazon Listing to the top of the search result, requires a thorough research and a up-to-date understanding of Amazon’s constantly changing ranking algorithms. Being part of multiple International high-level MM:s (Master Minds) groups ensures us (incl you 😊) that we are always sitting on the latest information and updates. This and more goes into ranking higher than your competition on search results.

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