Let us save you valuable time and money with our vast network of agile service providers in Asia.

At One Key Project, our objective is to help companies navigate and succeed in Asia. When it comes to marketing, sales and distribution of your products in Asia we will tailor the approach and outline the road map for you. With your goal in focus and our help at hand we will ensure you the shortest way to success.

Our scope of services includes digital marketing like influencer marketing, paid advertisement, SEO and content creation.

Becoming successful in China often means that you must bring awareness and build trust with your prospects. As a second step you need your audience and future customers to become interested and start engaging with you online. In order to do that we’ll help you setting up the proper social media accounts suitable for the domestic market and in create the content needed to channel the message to your relevant audience. After ensuring that the perception of your brand is correct we funnel the right buyers and convert them into long lasting loyal clients bringing you the highest customer lifetime value, CLV.

How do we do it?

By utilizing one of the most comprehensive consumer database’s for influencer marketing in Asia we can spare you months if not years in getting the right feedback fast. A information base that is continuously updated and quality assured from some of the best marketers in Asia that have already done this journey not once or twice but that actually put a system in place to do exactly that. Saves you time, money and ensure highest quality approach.

With a social management strategy we create the branded social channels for you and deploy informative and engaging content to your audience.

In addition to “free” social media management to broaden the reach with paid advertisement and promotional to create extra juicer with search engines and market places.

E-commerce marketplaces

In addition to finding out the most suitable e-commerce platform for your brand, we offer the full circle of services. From setting up the account (TMall,, Taobao, WeChat etc) to manage day to day operations like managing/merchandising the store, taking care of customer enquiries to order handling, fulfillment/distribution to after sales services.

We can also assist you in bringing in the products into the country by proper customs clearance and cross border warehousing. Everything done professionally and in accordance with ruling regulation and in the local language of course (E.g. Chinese).

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